Friday, March 27, 2009

Where do I go for accurate information?

I bailed out on the MSM (Main Stream Media) years ago. The recent election coverage was so biased that I have been cheering 2008 as the year the MSM died.

Where do I go for accurate information?

Let me suggest the following websites: - the Drudge Report - Matt Drudge scoops everyone, including Orson Bean's son-in-law, Andrew Breitbart. - WorldNet Daily - Joseph Farrah's news site is not afraid to ask any questions. It is slightly biased toward Christian and Jewish religious issues. - Great for polling information, and great links to stories from both sides of the political aisle. - Hugh Hewitt's blog is excellent, relevant, and presents timely information. - The Weekly Standard includes some of my favorite pundits - Fred Barnes and Bill Kristol on Politics, and Irwin Stelzer on the Economy.

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