Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Native American Quandry

This is the finest logo in sports. The Chicago Blackhawk crest is not only known well, buy also very popular with those purchasing sports paraphernalia.

I was watching a documentary on the Native Americans at the Pine Ridge Reservation in North Dakota. In an interview, one of the tribal leaders lamented that, when asking young Native Americans who their "heroes" were, he received responses such as Michael Jordan and other non-Native American icons. He was disappointed that none of these kids chose a Native American hero.

The movement to abolish any reference or image of Native Americans from local and national sports teams insures that the Native American culture will be known to future generations only through documentaries, history books and casinos.

And why is it that it is acceptable to reference Native American culture in the naming of casinos? Perhaps I'm wrong, but "Ho-Chunk" is not the physical result of to much drinking and gambling loss at a casino.

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