Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Like a Stone....

Obamacare dropping like a stone in polls
By: Michael Barone
Senior Political Analyst
08/11/09 10:46 AM EDT
Support for the congressional health care plans is dropping like a stone. Pollster Scott Rasmussen reports this morning that 42% of voters support congressional health care plans while 53% oppose them. That’s compared to 50% support and 45% opposition back in late June, when House Democrats wrapped up their cap-and-trade bill and before the Obama White House and congressional leaders began their push for health care legislation.

Currently 26% strongly favor the legislation and 44% are strongly opposed. This reflects the fact that young voters who favor Democrats’ bills tend not to have strong feelings and older voters who oppose them tend to have strong feelings.

An interesting point from a regular email correspondent, which I couldn’t have said better myself: “The Republicans are the ones with the distributed energy to generate flash mobs around the country and fire up entrepreneurial opposition to this bill, while the supposed high tech Obama machine is reliant on using old-line institutions and conduits (lobbyists, old media, labor unions, advocacy groups) to promote its agenda. Using old media tools like TV ad blitzes to sway public opinion.”

It’s as if the Democrats were channeling the late Walter Cronkite. Come to think of it, White House health care spokesman Linda Douglass spent most of her career as a reporter (and quite a good one) for the CBS owned-and-operated Channel 2 in Los Angeles.

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