Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A note from the blogger...

I rarely offer my own opinion on this blog, prefering to let you read items that I think are pertinent to "what I am thinking right now".

Rupert Murdoch has proclaimed that he will charge for the news content on his many websites in the future to "set the example" for others. What he is really saying is that the Main Stream Media News outlets are dying, and there needs to be other revenue sources. A correct prognostication from the King of All Media.

The Main Stream Media is dead. It died during the last election. Do you really want to watch any of the national news shows to find your information? I think not. A little Katie Couric with milquetoast at 7 pm?

I have come to the conclusion that I will sign up for Mr Murdoch's news content on the internet, because he has proven through his FoxNews network that he can provide balanced reporting, unlike CBS, NBC and ABC.

Those electronic rags will have to depend on professional sports.

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